Wednesday, December 30, 2009

My exploration of Google "go" programing language

1. return
Named return variables are available within the scope of the function. Consider the following funciton

func SomeFunc() (foo int, bar int) {
// notice how foo and bar is already defined in the body and a return w/no arg returns those values
foo = 10
bar = 20
return // compiler knows it has to return foo & bar

2. Type Assertion (ala dynamic_cast)
Given an interface type, it can be coerced to another interface type (at runtime) provided the underlying type supports both the interfaces

Look for type assertion here (Go For C++ Programmers). You have to scroll down to the relevant section. Just use browser search - use type assertion

3. defer - a piece of code to run when the surrounding function returns. Cool feature! See Here

4. dot import

Import declaration Local name of Sin
import . "lib/math" Sin (as opposed to math.Sin)

See go-doc - import

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